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- Werbung nur für Gäste -
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Party Crashers

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Hallo Community,


für dieses Spiel haben wir aktuell kein eigenes Forum. Dieser Thread dient als Ersatz, um euch dennoch einen Austausch über das Spiel zu ermöglichen.



Woche für Woche erscheinen neue Spiele, die bei uns auch immer einen Platz in Form eines eigenen Forums erhalten, samt den wichtigen Standard-Threads. Da jede Software und auch jede Hardware irgendwann an ihre Grenzen stößt, sortieren wir ungenutzte und leere Foren wieder aus. Zwischen der Erstellung und der Löschung liegen dabei mindestens zwölf Monate. Sofern nach der Erstellung mehrere Beiträge oder gar ein Leitfaden und/oder eine Roadmap entstanden sind, wird das Forum nicht gelöscht. Mit diesem Thread gewähren wir eine für uns ressourcensparende Möglichkeit euch trotzdem eine Anlaufstelle zu bieten. Wenn hier eine entsprechende Aktivität zu verzeichnen ist, können wir gerne wieder ein eigenes Forum erstellen.




Das Team unterstützen

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- Werbung nur für Gäste -


Trophäenliste - Party Crashers
1x platin.png  1x gold.png  6x silber.png  47x bronze.png  = 55


Win a round of any game mode.

 Too Slow

Get killed by falling too far behind the leader.

 Cliff Diving

Get killed by driving off the track.

 Full Contact Racing

Push another player off the track.

 Staying Alive

Finish a round of at least ten of the Elimination game modes.


Finish a round of at least ten of the Race game modes.

 Tick Tick

Finish a round of at least ten of the Time Trial game modes.

 Master Blaster

Finish a round of at least ten of the Battle game modes.

 I Have the Power

Try all of the powerups.

 Blinky Approved

Try all of the mutators.

 Friends Forever

All four human players are alive at the end of the round.

 Enemies Eternal

All four human players kill someone in the same round.

 Reflected Glory

Your controller buddy won the match.

 Three Legged Race

Finish a match in first and second place with your controller buddy.

 A Few Tweaks

Change something using the mutators menu.

 Complete Control

Use the customise menu.

 Fairness Through Inequality

Set some per-player options in the customise menu.

 Options All the Way Down

Find the deepest level of the customise menu.


Use the sliders to customise further.

 Eat My Dust

Take the lead by using the speed boost pickup.

 Outta My Way

Launch a player into the air using the cowcatcher.

 Dead Man's Boots

Take the lead by shooting the leading player.

 Three Birds, One Stone

Hit 3 players with one railgun shot.

 Mass Murder

Kill 3 other players in a single round.

 The Resistance Starts Now

Play against three AI and get at least 10 kills before getting killed by an AI.

 The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down

Win a match of the Speed Limit game mode.

 Ultra Sprint

Win a match of the Super Classic Arcade game mode on the Bends Track.

 No Plumbers nor Marsupials

Win a match of the Kart Racing game mode.

 Why Race When You Can Shoot?

Win any battle mode against other humans.


Win a round without dealing any damage to or killing other players.

 Non-Violent Resistance

Win a match without dealing any damage to or killing other players.


Win a round without using any pickups.

 A Monk's Life

Win a match without using any pickups.


Win every round in a match of 500 points.

 Just Need to Know Where I've Been

Win a round while driving backwards.

 On a Roll

Win 3 matches in a row in a single session.

 Try Accelerating Next Time

Don't win a round in a match of 500 points or more.

 Chicken Marengo

Get killed 5 times in a row by falling too far behind the leader.

 Don't Choke!

Be on match point 3 times in a row without winning the match.


Lose the match after being on match point 5 or more times.

 I Was Told There Would Be Medals

Fail to win the match even after winning the round while on match point.

 Channelling Negative Energy

Finish the match on a negative score.

 Reversal of Fortune

Move from last place to first place in one round (against at least 3 competitors).

 Keep on Swimming

Win an elimination quick game with a score over 1000 points.


Win a round with less than 5% health.

 Single Vehicle Accident

Die by driving off the track without help.

 CTR Rules

Be selected for the podium after a match ends in a tie.


Try a non-default setting from every deep customisation row.

 Take That Skynet!

Humans finish in 1st and 2nd in a two human versus two AI match, and only AI players are killed.

 Furiously Fast Four

All four humans players get a sub 12 second lap time on the Figure 8 track in Best Lap Time game mode.

 Doing a Bradbury

Win a match after there being 3 or more players on match-point above you.

 Good Times

Play 1000 rounds.

 Great Times

Win 100 matches.

 All Rounder

Win a match of at least half of the gamemodes.

 Time for a Shoey!

Successfully master all the ways to play Party Crashers.

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