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Keine Trophäen mehr wegen Fehler Code

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  • Ich Hab mal eine Frage:

    Seit gewisser zeit wird mir der Fehler (NP-32091-5) angezeigt. Das Problem an der Sache ist dass ich gestern Abend eine Trophäe in assassins creed geholt habe. Jedoch wird mir die Trophäe nicht angezeigt (und ist weg?).

    Kennt sich jemand mit dem Fehler aus?

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  • Der Fehler besagt, dass Trophäen nicht gesyncht werden können.

    Da hilft wohl nur dies im Moment (bis Sony einen Fix hierzu rausbringt):

    This error randomly affects all ps4 games and not just sound shapes and will prevent you from synching your trophies. The cause is unknown.

    If you don't yet have 100%/Platinum in the game your having problems with first thing you should try is earn one or couple more trophies and attempt to sync again. Sometimes this resolves the problem.

    If the above doesn't work you can attempt to rebuild the ps4 database by doing the following:

    1. Turn off the system.

    2. Hold your finger over the power button until you hear it beep twice, takes about 7 seconds.

    3. Plug in the DS4 and hit the PS button. This will take you to Safe Mode.

    4. Select "Rebuild Database".

    5. Wait for it to finish then check on your trophies.

    If you already have 100%/Platinum in the bugged game and you cant earn anymore trophies as well as rebuilding the database didn't work you will then need to delete and re-create your ps4 profile.

    1. Backup your save files to PS+ cloud.

    2. Create a new user, choose guest and don't link a psn account, he will be called User1 by default.

    3. With User1 go to Settings -> Initialize and choose to delete your main profile. It will delete the save data and any bugged and un-synced trophies but will leave the downloaded games.

    4. Create your main profile once again.

    5. Earn the bugged trophies once more and it should sync.

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