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Der Sammler

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45.pngDer Sammler

Alle Symbole im Spiel finden

Hier ist eine Liste von allen 150 Symbolen

Leider nur in Englisch aber es sollte doch reichen.


Unbedingt beachten.

Bevor ihr in den nächsten Level geht, müsst ihr ALLE Symbole von den vorherigen Levels haben

sollte ein Symbol fehlen ist diese Trophäe für diesen Durchgang schon mal gestrichen.

Act One

Ascension City: Downtown Area One

  • 1. Check the corner with the sofas after defeating the first guard inquired. The collectible is impossible to miss.
  • 2. Find this collectible at the top of the first staircase.
  • 3. Go back down the first flight of stairs and look for the room to be dark. The collectible will only appear when the lights are out.
  • 4. Be aware of the ground and red walkways. A collectible is in a room on the other side of the first.
  • 5. A second red walkway will lead you to the second collectible.

In-Game Tutorial

  • 6. Look for horizontal bars in the Terminal room. The collectible is obvious; you just need to perform a perfect swing to grab it.
  • 7. You will be asked to hack a computer panel and then "rip" it. First, swing on the bars to your left to grab the collectible.
  • 8. When asked to perform Death From Above, look down below and target your jump to land on the collectible.
  • 9. In the final Terminal room, perform the hack, select "punch," then look "up" for the collectible.

Ascension City: Downtown Area One (resumed post tutorial)

  • 10. The collectible is located just above your head after finishing your first building jump.

Ascension City: Downtown Area Two

  • 11. You'll quickly spot the collectible in front of you when this area begins, up high and requiring some swinging to reach.
  • 12. A fiery crater will have to be traversed next. The collectible is on its edge.
  • 13. The collectible is halfway up a column for the broken railcar track as it doglegs to the left.
  • 14. The final collectible in this area is way up high at the end of the railcar track.

Ascension City: Downtown Area Three

  • 15. There is a relay to hack here. Be sure to ascend to the areas above it to find the collectible.
  • 16. In rare interior action, you're forced into a building with torn apart rooms. The collectible is on the second room you can access to the left.
  • 17. Exit the building, drop down and spot the collectible near a column.
  • 18. An obvious railcar is waiting to be pulled. Rip that sucker and the collectible will reveal itself.
  • 19. There is a large "Tube Travel" sign before the bridge. Look up to the right for the collectible sitting up near a horizontal beam.

Ascension City: Downtown Area Four

  • 20. There are lots of mines and you'll spot the collectible amongst them. Disable then mines, then return to snag it.
  • 21. Exit the subway and there is a railcar to the right begging to be ripped. Just in front of it is the collectible.
  • 22. The next collectible is just inside a building, up high. Be weary of it and you'll spot it with ease making your way through the level.
  • 23. A central building near the third relay has an accessible roof. The collectible is on it.
  • 24. Hack the third relay and then use the mines around it to find the collectible, hidden amongst them.

Ascension City: Downtown Area Five

  • 25. The waypoint will send you through a building towards stairs. Given the choice to go up or down, go up until the collectible reveals itself at a dead end.
  • 26. The purple building on the right after the next waypoint stands out and for good reason. There is a collectible on the roof near the "Tricell" billboard sign.
  • 27. Another collectible sitting in the mines. Go through the pipe in the middle, hack the relay, then return to grab the collectible.
  • 28. That same relay has a ledge with rocks underneath. A collectible is just below.
  • 29. After defeating the first Biomechs you encounter, the collectible is up on the Central Bank's facade.

Ascension City: Downtown Area Six

  • 30. There are snipers here and you are warned. Look down each area to the left after moving forward with this warning.
  • 31. Move forward into the snipers lair while looking up for a collectible near a building's edge situated near a cylindrical tower.
  • 32. That same building has an opening on one side. You can fit in, get in and find a collectible.
  • 33. By the same circular structure there is a battered tunnel walkway. A collectible sits atop it.
  • 34. A large bridge structure is at this level's end. Swing "under" it and find the collectible between its legs.

Trent Industrial District Area One

  • 35. Water comes into play and of course the first collectible is in the first water hole on the right.
  • 36. Two tall green and white towers were once connected by a pipe that is now broken. The collectible is up on that pipe.
  • 37. A large blue circular building has pipes feeding into it from other structures. One of those structures is also circular with rims, and the collectible is on one of the rims.
  • 38. An orange circular building has a pipe jutting out of it. The collectible is inside the pipe (beware the sniper!)
  • 39. It is up high near where you grab the sniper rifle. Be careful; it is tricky to reach and missing will result in death (http://www.5min.com/Video/Bionic-Commando-Collectibles---Trent-Industrial-District-I-120523937).

Trent Industrial District Area Two

  • 40. Take the upper path when the level starts and it stares you right in the face.
  • 41. You'll spot a Biomech and collectible in the same room. Defeat the mech, then swing up high to get the collectible.
  • 42. The level exit tunnel has a collectible just above it.

Trent Industrial District Area Three

  • 43. Keep looking right and up as moving forward and the collectible will appear at the top of a building.
  • 44. Three railcars are all lined up neatly near a weapons pod. Rip them and find the collectible inside.
  • 45. Your first enemy encounter is at a building's base. This same building has a collectible atop it.
  • 46. Keep moving towards the waypoint and the next collectible is in the middle of your path.
  • 47. Enter the building and keep a lookout for a room to the exit's right that houses the collectible.
  • 48. A message will warn you about airborne enemies while atop a roof. Below you is the collectible which you can jump onto.
  • 49. A series of unmistakable perpendicular aerial walkways have a collectible in the middle of them.
  • 50. A minefield wraps the level with a collectible just below it.

Trent Industrial District Area Four

  • 51. Take the path to the left and look on top of the building flanking you.
  • 52. An elevated broken bridge has a bus on it just past the first collectible. The second collectible is on the bridge.
  • 53. Exit the building you're forced through and the collectible is up high in front of you.
  • 54. A Casino with a satellite tower has the next collectible on its roof.
  • 55. Another minefield collectible.
  • 56. Just beyond the minefield is a warehouse and construction site. The collectible is in the rocks to the right.

The Fissure One

  • 57. Move forward from the start and spot it on a ledge to the left.
  • 58. You are forced down a huge hole. The collectible is on the way down.
  • 59. At the bottom, look around to the right side for the collectible behind some rocks.
  • 60. A waterfall has a huge triangular rock jutting from it. The collectible is barely visible in the fall's water.
  • 61. Out in the middle of a void when you are forced to use the sniper rifle.
  • 62. Get the throw ability and head back to the waterfalls area. Use the rocks here to break the wall that looks like its breakable and find the collectible.

The Fissure Two

  • 63. Head up and find the collectible near a ledge that has a smashed green car on it.
  • 64. Out in a void as you move forward through the level.
  • 65. Look out for a broken pipe jutting from the wall face on the left. A collectible sits inside it.
  • 66. Just beyond the pipe to the right is the next collectible, out in the open.

Ascension City: Downtown Area Eight (previous level has no collectibles)

  • 67. Spin around when the level starts and it is impossible to miss.
  • 68. Traverse a large tunnel and the collectible is up near the roof.
  • 69. Further in the tunnel is a bus on the left. The collectible is hiding behind it.

FSA Avenue

  • 70. Right away jump to a ledge on the right with a police car to spot the collectible.
  • 71. At the bottom of the escalator in the subway station.
  • 72. There are direction billboard signs above the road in the open area where you fight the Biomech. The collectible is above the signs.
  • 73. Move forward after the fight and find a collectible behind a crashed truck to the right.
  • 74. Immediately turn left and spot the next collectible at a building's base.

The Buraq

  • 75. There is a huge structure with all sorts of beams and bars protruding from it. The first collectible is hidden amongst the metal maze.
  • 76. The second collectible is here too, only higher up near a walkway.

Act Two

The Fissure Three

  • 77. Back into the fissure you go. Right away look up to eye the collectible.
  • 78. Now look down and you'll see another collectible at the area's base, just inside an alcove.
  • 79. Move forward and find a massive bridge overhead. The collectible is just to the bridge's right.

Saint's End Station

  • 80. Enter the station and spot the collectible at the end of a destroyed subway train.
  • 81. Walk the same platform's edge and find a collectible down below.
  • 82. Another minefield collectible; be sure to disable the mines first.
  • 83. A subway tunnel is near this minefield. Look down it for a collectible.
  • 84. Keep looking down tunnels to find the final collectible in this area.

The Fissure Four

  • 85. A gift; you start right in front of it.
  • 86. Find the red circular platform lit by four lights. The collectible is to its left.
  • 87. You'll come across a crane with blue barrels scattered around it. The collectible is behind the barrels.
  • 88. and 89. Another minefield, only this one yields two collectibles.

Ascension City: Park Area One

  • 90. You start in a large canyon. Find the collectible up high on the canyon's back wall face.
  • 91. Move to the right side amidst the trees and spot the collectible up in a tree.
  • 92. Up on the clifftop above a pond.
  • 93. From the last collectible, keep lookup up on the rock faces to find the next.
  • 94. A rock juts out from the cliff just before reaching the road, and it has a collectible on it.
  • 95. The road ends into a collapsed tunnel. The collectible is on the rubble.
  • 96. Look under the road to find the collectible hidden behind the support columns.

Avenue of Heroes

  • 97. Approach the massive gully and look up to the left.
  • 98. A structure has broken statues. Look around the rubble on this structure.
  • 99. Move to the structure's top to find another.
  • 100. Enter the building through a glass tunnel. The collectible is up high dead ahead.

Ascension City: Park Area Two

  • 101. Enter the large atrium space with a glass dome ceiling. The collectible is up on the right.
  • 102. A long hallway has "Garden Locus" signs on either side. The collectible is on the way down it.
  • 103. Exit the building and find the collectible behind a small supply structure near the cliff's back edge.
  • 104. Another jutting broken pipe with a collectible in it, this one in an area with a Biomech confrontation.
  • 105. Turn left from the pipe and spot the collectible down the gully on the rocks.

Ascension City: Garden

  • 106. Do a quick spin around and you'll be looking right at it.
  • 107. There are walkways near the water. A collectible is hiding underneath them.
  • 108. The next area has walkways, too, and a collectible is under them as well.
  • 109. You'll enter a very high atrium with snipers up on walkways. A collectible is up there, too.
  • 110. A confrontation will ensue with a Biomech armed with lasers who is coincidentally guarding the collectible.

Ascension City: Park Area Three

  • 111. Move to the left at the start and find it on the ground amongst the trees.
  • 112. On the banks of a small pond low to the ground.
  • 113. Head to the roof of the first building encountered to find the collectible.
  • 114. Mines line a cleft that houses the next collectible.
  • 115. Near the second relay are giant rocks in the water that house the collectible.
  • 116. Move back to the first building, down the gully, after collecting the previous collectible to find the next one.

Ascension City: Park Area Four

  • 117. Move left along the rocks towards the building with the green roof. The collectible is on the ground in the shadows.
  • 118. Right in the middle of the road after you are asked to locate the Carrion device.
  • 119. A stairway leads into the main grounds. Look in the rocks to the left.
  • 120. A big needle monument in the courtyard is the perfect place for a collectible to hang out on.
  • 121. Look for low walls along the courtyard. A collectible is on the other side of one.

Federal Archives

  • 122. Glass domed roofs usually have collectibles under them and this is no exception.
  • 123. A second glass domed roof will reveal a second collectible.

The Mohole

  • 124. Keep right when moving towards the waypoint. It is dark so the glowing collectible will pop on the screen.
  • 125 and 126. One is above the big wrecked bridge and the other below.

Port Anderson One

  • 127. Move forward towards the wreckage and easily spot a collectible.
  • 128. Check left and right when moving through bends in the tunnel.
  • 129. Look up at the road signs high above to spot the last collectible.

Port Anderson Two

  • 130. Head to the top of the structure where you start to find a collectible.
  • 131. Keep moving towards the waypoint and you'll literally drop onto the next collectible.
  • 132. Move towards the first anti-air turret and spot a collectible up high and out in the open.
  • 133. Check all sides of the building near the turrel for another collectible.
  • 134. Defeat the first turret and head back towards the warehouse. The collectible will be up on a ledge near where you started.
  • 135. Look down in the water near a partially submerged building.

Port Anderson Three

  • 136. The first room reached on the right has the collectible up on top of some random machinery.
  • 137. Exit the building and spot the collectible hovering up high near some pipes.
  • 138. Climb a red steel structure with a white "2" painted on it. The collectible is above the number.
  • 139. More round blue structures mean a collectible on the rim of one.
  • 140. Exit the second interior section and the collectible is just ahead, slightly to the right.
  • 141. Exit the third interior section, swing up above the exit and spot the collectible behind some air conditioning ducts.
  • 142. Head to the top of the final circular building to find the last collectible.

Act Three

Ash City (Buraq Armada has no collectibles)

  • 143. Exit the chasm and look straight ahead, then up.
  • 144. Locate the red platform and the collectible is near the rocks by it. Get the collectible before going onto the platform.

The Constructor

  • 145. Head to the top of the red platform to find the collectible.
  • 146. High in the middle of a cylindrical drum on the way to disabling the first cooling unit. The Vault
  • 147. Look over at the cliffs after reaching the first weapons drop point.
  • 148. The second weapons drop area has the collectible behind a big rock at the cliff's edge.
  • 149. The collectible is under a box in front of the exit door.
  • 150. Drat, missed a number?

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- Werbung nur für Gäste -

habe das spiel seit heute und muss sagen das es sehr cool ist und super eintrag von dir, schade das es auf englisch ist aber es hilft weiter naja da das game ja noch ganz frisch(neu) ist,denke ich das da bald noch was auf deutsch kommen wird!

habe die trophy eh schon verkackt da ich nicht alle eingesammelt habe und einfach weitergelaufen bin naja beim zweiten durchlauf des spiels,teilweiße ist es echt schwer die sammelstücke(icons) aufzufinden und auch zubekommen sind einfach viele versteck in der luft!


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Ich möschte im 2 Durschlauf jetzt auch alle symbole holen schade ist das man nicht mit dem Level sprung trophies holen kann...wäre aber auch zu einfach gemacht :b

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Die Liste ist eh falsch! In irgend nem Akt ist eine zu wenig gelistet!

Nach Stunden suchen (wollte einige male aufgeben :banghead::smile:) hab ich ma ein wenig gegooglet und bin fündig geworden!

ne tolle seite mit videos........

habs jetzt durch und mir fehlen nurnoch kleiigkeiten

--->Platin kann kommen ;)<---

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In der Liste, ist gleich am Anfang irgend wo ein Auflistung Fehler(aber trotzdem alle Symbole)

wenn du aber punkt für punkt der liste durchgehst, und unter aufgaben nachschaust, wirst du bemerken das du trotz Fehler in der liste, (aber unter -aufgaben Symbole)- alle Symbole finden wirst

Ich bin nur nach der liste gegangen und habe alle gleich gefunden

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Die Liste ist eh falsch! In irgend nem Akt ist eine zu wenig gelistet!

Nach Stunden suchen (wollte einige male aufgeben :banghead::smile:) hab ich ma ein wenig gegooglet und bin fündig geworden!

ne tolle seite mit videos........

habs jetzt durch und mir fehlen nurnoch kleiigkeiten

--->Platin kann kommen ;)<---

Warum hast du sie hier nicht gepostet?


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So die fehlende is in Ascension City Downtown Area Five.

Zum Schluss gilt es die ersten beiden Biomechs zu killen und da befindet sich eine bei der Central Bank fassade so wie es in der Liste verzeichnet ist und eine ist über dem Eingang zu diesem Areal.

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wie sieht es aus mit den Symbolen die ich beim 1. Durchgang eingesammelt hab...

Muss ich die beim 2. alle neu einsammeln oder sind die dann schon weg, sodass ich nur noch die holen muss, die ich beim 1. vergessen hab? Mir fehlen 3 Stück bis jetzt.

schon mal Vielen Dank im Voraus...

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Alles klar, danke.

Dann fang ichs direkt nochmal von vorne an.

Ist es eigentlich schwer alle Aufgaben zu schaffen?

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Alles klar, danke.

Dann fang ichs direkt nochmal von vorne an.

Ist es eigentlich schwer alle Aufgaben zu schaffen?

Nö nur die Symbol Aufgaben sind schwer.

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Glaube nicht. Habs auch gesucht aber nix gefunden.

Weiß vielleicht jemand, ob man die Trophie ''Bionisch Herausgefordert'' bekommt wenn man alle Aufgaben im Spiel oder nur die wo es ne Trophie für gibt erledigt hat.???

Es gibt ja mehrere Aufgaben im Spiel, für die es keine Trophie gibt...

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Hi, ich brauche dringend Hilfe.

Ich bin bei "der Sammler" und ich finde ein Symbol nicht.

Auf der Liste hier die Nr.134!!!

Hab bis dahin alle gefunden, nur halt eben das net. Hab schon 1,5 Stunden gesucht aber nix gefunden...

Das ist das Level, wo man die 2 Kanonen zerstören muss und gegen die fliegenden Biomechs kämpft.

Ich bitte um Hilfe


Sorry Leute, habs gefunden.

es ist in einer Nische direkt im Lagerhaus.

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hallo muss ich bei dem spiel nur auf der schwierigsten stufe durchspielen und die 150 dokument einsammeln um platin zu kriegen ???

und alle Aufgaben erledigen.

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