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Can you pass my quizTeil1+2

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    Diana's Quiz 1

    destroy the one who like antiques vases : (m'quve) gene crawn

    destroy the one who was stepped on by amuro's gundam : (gaia) mash ortega

    destroy the one who belongs to the zabi family: ridden char (dozle)

    destroy the white base crew: lala gaia (kai)

    destroy the one without a comet related title: char (ridden) ramba ral

    Diana's Quiz 2

    destroy the one with the highest rank : (yazan) jerid reccoa

    destroy the one who has fought in the most different machines: quattro scirocco (jerid)

    destroy the one who is not a cyber newtype: four rosamia (sarah)

    destroy the one who belonged to the titans: quattro (emma) kamille

    destroy the one who survived the final battle : jerid (kamille) scirocco

    Diana's Quiz 3

    destroy the one who went to jupiter with judau: beecha ellie (roux)

    destroy the one who did not pilot a queen mansa: glemy pie two (pie)

    destroy the one who died the final battle: (haman) beecha ellie

    destroy the one whose youger sister appeared the original series : beecha ellie (judau)

    destroy the one who was killed by roux: (glemie) pie two haman

    Diana's Quiz 4

    destroy the one who tried to stop axis from falling: char (amuro) gyunei

    destroy the one who does not belong to londo bell : amuro ridhe (banagher)

    destroye the one who was not involved in the laplace confict : (char) marida frontal

    destroy th one also known as pie twelve: pie two pie (marida)

    destroy the one called the second coming of the red comet : (frontal) le creuset angelo

    Diana's Quiz 5

    destroy the one whose mother was involded in developing the Gundam F91: üso (Seabook) Cecily

    destroy the one who Uso had one-sided feeling for: lunamaria (katejina) cecily

    destroy the one whose real name is Berah Ronah: katejina stella (cecily)

    destroy the one whose childhood girlfriend is not a pilot: Seabook (üso) kamille

    destroy the League Militaire pilot: (üso) Seabook Katejina

    Can you pass my quiz? 2

    Diana’s Quiz 1

    Destroy the one who is not a Gundam Fighter: Domon Master asia (Setsuna)

    Destroy the one who is an only child: (Amuro) Domon Lockon

    Destroy the one who has an apprenticia: Mu (Master asia) Trowa

    Destroy the one who defeated the Dark Gundam: Garrod (Domon) Heero

    Destroy the Gundam Fighter from Neo Germany: (Schwarz) Milliardo Domon

    Diana’s Quiz 2

    Destroy the one who plays a clown in the circus: Duo (Trowa) Heero

    Destroy the one who tried to kill Relena: Trowa (Heero) Milliardo

    Destroy the one who developed the Gundam Epyon: (Treize) Heero Milliardo

    Destroy the one who tried to crash a massive battleship into Earth: Le creuset Char (Milliardo)

    Destroy the one who considers his Gundam a friend: Lockon (Duo) Shani

    Diana’s Quiz 3

    Destroy the one who is not from Earth: Garrod Üso (Loran)

    Destroy the one who fell for Tiffa at first sight: (Garrod) Milliardo Quattro

    Destroy the one who is a Newtype: Garrod (Char) Master asia

    Destroy the one who put a Gundam up for auction: Judau Duo (Garrod)

    Destroy the one who calls himself the Blazing Mobile Suit Pilot: (Garrod) Duo Dearka

    Diana’s Quiz 4

    Destroy the one whose face was injured by Kira’s attack: (Yzak) Dearka Nicol

    Destroy the one who ultimately defeated Shinn: Rey Kira (Athrun)

    Destroy the one called a Boosted Man: Sting (Orga) Auel

    Destroy the one Called an Extended: Clotho Shani (Stella)

    Destroy the one who is not a Coordinator: (Le creuset) Dearka Nicol

    Diana’s Quiz 5

    Destroy the one called a Supersoldier: Tieria Orga (Alelujah)

    Destroy the one who became a pure innovade: (Setsuna) Mister bushido Ribbons

    Destroy the one with a twin brother: (Lockon) Allelujah Domon

    Destroy the one who was defeated in the showdown with Setsuna: Le creuset Treize (Mister bushido)

    Destroy the one called an innovade: (Tieria) Allelujah Lockon

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